What’s wrong with conventional Aloe vera skin care products?

Aloe vera gel from the plant is extracted as a juice, not a gel.

The gel we see in cosmetic products is created with petrochemical derivatives that are foreign to living tissues. If you look at any conventional '100% pure Aloe vera’ product, the small print usually lists up to 20 additional ingredients, most of which are damaging to the skin or endocrine system. Aloe vera's tissue healing properties are also affected by unnaturally strong synthetic preservatives that, by definition, interfere with living biology

Why Moisture & Heal?

Aloe vera’s skin healing properties have been known for thousands of years.  Aloe vera delivers protective moisture and helps the skin to heal fast. We have combined organic edible Aloe vera with a pinch of konjac root powder, an edible natural plant starch and a traditional gelling agent for easy non-toxic application. Organic lavender essential oil is added for its skin soothing properties and heavenly scent. Citric acid is used as a preservative. Citric acid occurs naturally in every human cell, making it completely safe.

How to use.

If you use the product daily, you'll finish it well before the recommended 3-month expiry date. If you use it only occasionally, store in the fridge to extend its life. Refrigerated product makes the best after sun lotion and a cooling face and around the eyes treatment.