What’s wrong with conventional moisturisers?

Skin is an ecosystem, similar to a rainforest. Home to millions of beneficial microbes, it gathers information the body needs to maintain health. Conventional moisturisers are not biocompatible: synthetic ingredients, alcohol, mineral oils and other petrochemicals are damaging to the skin, our largest organ. The information and energy these unnatural chemicals carry do no good, no matter what the label says.

Why oil no. 1?

Oil from coconuts has numerous health benefits. As a moisturiser it is not too light and not too heavy. It helps in creating nourished, minimal interference conditions for the skin to function as a natural self-sustaining system. Perfect skin is built from within. Our signature mixture of organic essential oils add an aromatherapeutic experience suited for men and women equally.   

The oil is fast absorbing, deep conditioning, naturally antiviral and antifungal. Regular use helps to delay the occurrence of fine lines.It is also known to soothe rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and even burns and bug bites.

How to use.

Skin renews fast: the benefits can be seen in only two weeks of use.

To recalibrate your skin’s natural oil balance, use as little as needed. Use in combination with Soap No 1, a natural oily soap. Skin may feel oily or dry during this time: this is normal, so be patient and follow your instincts. Remember that sometimes skin problems are hormonal or caused by non-digesting proteins in the diet, milk and gluten especially.

Biologically benign skin care brings long lasting health benefits to all skin types in all ages.