This is the question that will be answered as you read on.

I warn you the answer is not going to be short or simple... but along the way there are many notions and discoveries about everything relevant, fun and interesting.

Thing and ideas you might appreciate enough to make some of them part of your life, as a hobby or habit, a new job or direction or even as a dedicated passion.

This certainly has happened to me, and that is my greatest motivation for writing to you now.

We are changing faster than ever, on every level of life.

This change is not randomly timed or happening by chance, it is powered by the unprecedented buildup of human potential, focused and redistributed by growing information network.

This network provides a merger of modern science and ancient understanding of the workings of human mind, body, universe, the interconnectedness we share with everything around us and how elegant, fragile, yet adapting it is. 



#WhatIsReal? will offer you an informed insight and an alternative viewpoint to everything.

Here I’ll be serving you some of the sweet discoveries made along the way, in nice bite-size chunks.

Some background info....

What is RealCollective?

Real Collective is a new global community, a tribe and a startup which is honest, transparent and ...real :)

Our focus is to create products, services and ideas in a fair, involved and productive manner. 

We are starting small like everything on the planet, to grow big and change the world like all brilliant ideas do. Your participation and involvement is just what makes us so brilliant. 

What is is a website dedicated for the first product by RealCollective. We are excited!  

#whatisreal is a blog and an open conversation centering on health, beauty, food and life hacks for our mind and body. 

This marks the collective start for the ‘Human 2.0 User Manual’


Tom Wennerstrand is a founding member of Real Collective, a biohacker and a mind-body-soul connectivity engineer. Tom enjoys travel, reading, and making conversation and discoveries from Buddhism to paleo, and from neurochemistry to art and architecture. Appreciating the real beauty in everything around.


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