Reality Check:

Our economy is not working anymore, simply because it’s not economical.

It’s an unsustainable game, when it ends only what is real remains.

adjective: economical

  1. giving good value or return in relation to the money, time, or effort expended.

  2. (of a person or lifestyle) careful not to waste money or resources.

  3. using no more of something than is necessary.

Current social and political systems = the way we manage ourselves

Current money system = the way we distribute power

This economy, is like a game of monopoly in which players are free to pursue unlimited power to win in the game.

But you have to follow the agreed rules of the system, otherwise the player might even have to go to jail.


Occasionally the rules of the game are changed by the clever or powerful players, for their own  benefit. historical emperors, modern day monarchs and  private bankers are good examples.

You may notice the lowering profile of these big players, the reason for this is the ever growing free information - now the internet,

In current reality you get caught from cheating of changing the rules of this game more likely than ever before.

Non-mainstream media and critically thinking individuals connected through vast social networking forums.

We - all humans - are now far more informed than our grandparents or ancestors were.

Sudden changes that only benefit some of the leading players are seen unfair, and less tolerated.

This also creates distrust towards current leadership - the politicians.

The other type of rule change is by mutual decision of all players to benefit all players and could be seen as democracy in the game, this type of decision making is now in crisis.

99% movement is about driving economy reforms that would benefit 99% of earth’s people Why aren’t they applied already if only 1% benefits from the current situation.

Let’s think what happens when all the money goes to one player in Monopoly?

The game finishes! The table is cleared! and the players are each given equal power with a fresh start and a choice if they want to continue with the same game,  or do something else.

game over-  would have happened already in the 2008 economic meltdown, banking had won the game.


However this winner is not willing to adhere the rules, we’ve all played along, to  let go of the power, to let the game end and to let us have a fresh start.

Abandoning the basic rules of the economy game and the natural laws of limited economical growth has created a sea of  irrelevant politics, unrealistic employment prospects, unrealistic economical growth and disregard for natural resources.

Continuing to play along we commit crimes against the nature that even our grandchildren will be trying to fix. Yet small everyday tasks can make us too busy to care, but that is the fundamental illusion of modern times, we need to get our priorities right.  

It is not only the right of the 99% to stop playing by the rules, it is the very responsibility of everyone able to read and connected to internet, to educate yourself about the alternatives, and about the positive transition already happening .

For our political, social, economical and educational systems to work, the framework -the reality-  they grew on needs to be there, unchanged.

It is this reality that is being changed by the current technological leap in human evolution.  

It’s time update our systems and power distribution, by not taking opposing sides, by working together the systems become human and real and sustainable again.

you don’t need to vote,

you don’t need to watch the news

and you don’t need to be rich to make the change,

Just educate yourself about what’s real, make intuitive decisions in everyday life and share what you’ve learned.

See the change everywhere around you.

You are naturally a part of it.

Every system is always in the state of change, our time is no different.

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